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What kind of translations do you do?
We translate different type of documents and formats for a variety of industries. The content may be technical, business, legal, health or marketing oriented. These include slogans, ads, press releases, surveys and websites. It could cover benefits, personnel, sales training, etc.
Do you do certified translations?
Yes. We provide certification and notarization of our translated documents upon request.

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How do you charge for your services?
It depends on the project. Translation cost is driven by language pair, volume of words, software requirements, deadlines requested, payment terms, frequency of assignments, legibility of the materials, and general degree of difficulty to complete the project.
Do you do translations for government entities or nonprofit organizations as well?
Yes, we do. They include many types of official translations, public notices, and legal translation services Washington DC. We serve government clients around the country.
How long does it take to receive completed translations?
Each project is quoted separately. We can deliver a press release or a flyer into Spanish within 2 hours. It all depends on our availability and on our client's schedule, budget and priorities.

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Do you do foreign language Academic Transcript evaluations?
No, we only provide written translations of transcripts into the language required. So, if you ever need official translations, or academic transcripts translation, we can assist you.
Do you send documents on behalf of clients to the State for Apostille or other legal requirements?
No. The clients use the translated documents that we provide for whatever purpose they deem necessary. It could be for Academic, Business, Courts, attorneys, USCIS, professional licensing, or many other purposes.

Into what languages do you provide professional language services from?
We work with language pairs that involve Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Creole, Russian, Serbian, Dutch, Polish and more.
How can we order and pay for your services?
We welcome electronic payments, PayPal, corporate checks, wire transfers. No cash, no personal checks.

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Do you do Glossary Development, and what is the benefit of such step?
In short, Yes. For projects involving manuals and their updates, it works best because it keeps consistency of terminology and style for your readers.
Do you provide language interpretation services?
Not anymore. If applicable, we would refer you to other parties for this type of request.
Do you translate scripts for videos, CD's, DVD's training, presentations?
Yes, we can translate such type of content to meet your needs and your budget. It could be a podcast, a documentary, an audiobook, an e-learning tool in the language of your choice.
What is back translation?
Back translation is a service used rarely, but some organizations require verification of translation content. For example, a project is assigned from English into Spanish, then it is translated by a different team from Spanish into English to confirm that it matches the meaning and spirit of the source document.
Can you assist us in finding foreign languages keywords for search engine optimization?
Yes, we can help you with SEO, Search Engine Optimization in foreign languages.
Do automatic translations work?
Automatic translations or machine translations, work for very specific type of documents where, for example, repetitive scientific content exists. Otherwise, it is not of publishable quality as such. It offers speed, not accuracy. Some professional translators can edit machine translation content, but time and cost fluctuate depending on the project and the software involved.
Can I publish/post an automatically translated website?
No. Absolutely not. Your reputation is on the line.

Does Galindo Publicidad, Inc. have any type of government certifications?
Yes. Galindo Associates Inc. (our legal name) is certified in the State of Florida as a Woman and Minority Business. The business has been awarded several certifications throughout the years.
Do you do ATA certified translations?
Yes, we do. If you need official translations, we provide ATA certified translation services FL, ATA certified translation services Manhattan NY and around the country.
Do you provide Spanish Advertising Translations?
Yes, we do. From adapted slogans to attractive infographics, brochures, flyers, or website content, we can help you. Our digital translation service reaches clients around the country. From Florida, to Brooklyn, NYC, Washington DC, and many other locations.